Well Intervention Services

Well Intervention Services

Well Intervention Services

Non-Explosive Cutters and Punchers - RCT / PTS

AZR Technologies provides a non-explosive pipe cutter and punchers services using the RCT/PTS. The RCT/PTS provides many advantages to the clients in terms of storage, transportation and usage. The RCT/PTS system uses a patented nozzle and a mixture of various powdered metal to produce highly energized plasma jets to cut and punch any type of pipe in any well condition. The MCR RCT/PTS tool is also capable of severing tubing, casing, drill pipe and coiled tubing.

RCT / PTS Features:

  • Non-Explosive Tool and safe to be used in radio sensitive area
  • Clean cuts on any pipe without swelling i. e. Steel, Chrome steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Plastic-coated pipe
  • Wide selection of tool size based on well restriction
  • Excellent performance in any environment i. e. type of drilling mud, completion fluid or dry pipe
  • Pressure balance anchor to eliminate movement, slipping and sticking issue

Free Point Indicator

AZR Technologies provides the Free Point Indicator service to help client identify the stuck point on the pipe. The FPI tool works on the basis of a hall effect principal in which the tool sensor detects the tension, compression and torque applied from surface which is propagated only through a “free state” tubular string. From the surface readout, the field engineer will determine if the tool is stationed at the free pipe or stuck pipe depth. This information will be vital for the client to plan the next operation step.

Free Point Tool Features:

  • Temperature stable Hall sensor for measuring tension, compression and torque
  • Motorized anchors with an option of seven sizes
  • Built-in CCL sensor for depth control
  • Tool measurement displayed on both external panel and logging software